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We want to improve the way people relish their meals in the fast-food sector and we are opening exciting new avenues for you to advance your career. The magic formula begins with the essentials — incredible individuals like you! We equip you with the skills needed to become an integral part of our team. With a strong belief in promoting from within, we ensure that the trajectory of your career growth is in your hands!

Every team member embarks on their journey at the team member level, providing a holistic view of how our restaurant's function from the ground up. As you acquire the skills necessary to guide a team of your own, we commit to rewarding your progress. With each step you ascend in responsibility, you also receive a corresponding boost in responsibility, including wages and benefits. Join us and carve your professional path while serving up smiles and delicious experiences!

Please also add all the positions: Team Member Are you a whiz at multitasking with a passion for food and people? Welcome aboard! As a Team Member, you are the heart and soul of our restaurant. Your role is as dynamic as the social media landscape, swapping between crafting perfect meals, providing Insta-worthy customer service, and ensuring our restaurant always shines for TikTok tours. Get ready to build skills that will serve you as well as our juicy burgers serve our loyal customers!

Hourly Manager

Calling all natural-born leaders who love a challenge as much as they love their morning coffee! As an Hourly Manager, your role is as exciting as bringing your favorite series. Imagine guiding your team to epic wins, creating schedules that would make a pro gamer jealous, and tackling operational challenges like a puzzle champion. This is your chance to level up in the world of restaurant management while having a blast along the way!

Assistant General Manager

Are you a strategic thinker with a flair for leadership and a love for fast-paced environments? As an Assistant General Manager, your mission is as critical as the last level of a game. Picture yourself strategizing business growth as if you're plotting a game walkthrough, inspiring your team like an influential vlogger, and maintaining financial metrics as sleek as the latest smartphone. Here's your opportunity to turn your ambitions into a reality while fostering a positive work culture!

General Manager

Are you a pro at managing things and have a knack for inspiring teams? As a General Manager, your role is as vital as the final boss battle in an RPG. Envision yourself leading your restaurant to success like a popular streamer leads a fan base, driving sales like a viral trend, and nurturing talent like the next big influencer. It's more than a job; it's a platform to make a real impact while steering your career to new heights!

District Coach

Do you excel at leadership, thrive in a dynamic environment, and love making a larger impact? Your game is about to get bigger as a District Coach! In this role, you'll mastermind success strategies across multiple restaurants like a pro gamer juggling different worlds. This isn't just about overseeing operations; it's about inspiring a culture of excellence and opportunity. Embrace this thrilling role to turbocharge your career while making a difference across your restaurants and changing lives!

Corporate Team Member

Are you a solutions-oriented thinker with a knack for strategic innovation and a drive to create impact? As a Corporate Team Member, your role is as critical as the tech guru behind a blockbuster app. This is your chance to be the driving force behind our brand while gaining invaluable experience and helping shape our restaurant's future. Get ready to make your mark!